Sedation Dentistry: Safe and Effective

If your child needs specialized dental treatment or any type of potentially painful dental procedure,
sedation dentistry may be beneficial. Different kinds of sedation dentistry are available to
accommodate the specific needs of your child. All of these options are safe and comfortable and will
help your child be calm and relaxed. Types of sedation dentistry that Dentistry for Children in Sandy, UT

  • Laughing Gas (nitrous oxide) – This safe form of sedation involves inhaling a gaseous mixture
    that relaxes the body and numbs the reception of pain.
  • I.V. Sedation – A standard I.V. that is closely monitored to ensure the correct dosage of sedative
    material is administered.
  • Conscious Sedation (oral sedation) – Oral sedation is administered through a drink in office on
    the day of treatment, just prior to the beginning of the treatment
  • General Sedation – Standard numbing that can be administered in a couple of ways (call for
    specific details.)

In addition to providing comfort, sedation dentistry calms fear. Your children won’t be as afraid to come
to the dentist if they experience less pain. The skilled staff at Dentistry for Children in Sandy, UT will
work with you to determine which type of sedation is best for your child. We educate you on all
sedation techniques so that you can know that your child will be safe and cared for. Additionally, we will
also give you the necessary information on preparing for the dental procedure, as well as how to care
for your child once the procedure is over.

Dentistry for Children is sensitive to the feelings and needs of you children. Help your child have a
positive experience at the dentist; contact us today to see if the sedation dentistry in Sandy, UT is a
viable option.